Is Your God A Celebrity?

Tabloids line the checkout stand making it nearly impossible to not have a cursory knowledge of what is happening in the life of current celebrities. There was a time I could have written many of the articles…

New moms easily get sucked into shows with beautiful girls, fashion and drama that meets our hormone levels.

New moms easily get sucked into shows with beautiful girls, fashion and drama that matches the crazy hormone levels can produce.

After my son was born I went on a celebrity binge of sorts. Nursing during normal sleeping hours, I found myself tuned in to reality (and every other show) available online. Late night feedings would turn into a blur of The Hills episodes that bled into the glow of a new day. Grey’s Anatomy or Brothers and Sisters that I new nothing about before was like a sedative dripping through an IV. What took everyone else three seasons to watch, I was able to view in a matter of weeks…maybe less…pretty addicting for a new mom freshly pulled from the standard workforce. Job security wasn’t a problem, but sleep deprivation, figuring out who I was and the role I was to play was unstable at best.

No matter how many parenting books I had read, nothing could prepare me for the path ahead the territory was completely unexplored. The very walls of our home echoed with a new voice growing in familiarity while my body continued to morph; I felt like a living science experiment nearing completion and I was anxious for the big reveal. Comparatively, for the first time since childhood, I had time, lots of time to fill…

During this crazy time, I could have written a dissertation on the lives of Hollywood celebrities! Who she’s dating, who the current bachelor should choose, the latest drama divorces and scandals…name the topic, I could dish! I knew them, but did they know me?

Tabloids-FlockhartIf I happened upon Calista Flockhart out on the street would she stop to greet me as friends do? “Oh my gosh, Julie! You look A-MAZ-ING! I cannot believe you just had a baby and you’re nearly as thin as me! He’s so adorable. Let ‘s grab lunch again soon so you can fill me in on details.”

Nope. Not even in the altar reality I was adjusting to would this happen. I’d be less noticeable than the minion bringing coffee to the extras on the set.

Like my Calista Flockhart meeting, too often we have a celebrity encounter with God, the holy mighty Creator. God can become someone we know of and know about, but we don’t know personally. It’s easier to know God from the pew, from the endearing words of a family member or miraculous intervention in a friend’s life than to actually engage in direct conversation with Him.  Sometimes I ignore His voice coaxing my soul to converse with Him; to caught-up in laundry, senseless errands, organizing a group activity or flat out too tired. Meeting a celebrity is a coin toss, but meeting God is certain when every time I choose to pick up my bible or open my heart to His leading.

Heart Check:  I saw and engaged celebrities through the media-middleman and felt connected, albeit superficially.  Is your relationship with God like my celebrity “friends”?

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