Love Challenge: When You’d Like to Leave the Kids on the firehouse stoop…Part II

Limits have been pressed, wow that’s putting it lightly, around our home….if you haven’t read part I, click here.

Parenting-disciplineI began with a rant, most parents do, I probably had some finger-pointing action going on with the stern TOV when God did the impossible, silenced my tongue. A sudden realization that my frustration pointed in this way to my child could be crushing, polarizing vs constructive we paused….

Created uniquely, each of us have been given special gifts, traits, abilities…for a moment I saw myself floundering through life attempting to figure out how to use the way God wired me for a higher purpose.  Too long I felt alienated, misunderstood, overlooked and simply didn’t understand the battle within my mind for my heart.

The last thing I want is for this to be a shared experience, for my son to have these feelings simply because he didn’t fit the box I was putting him in. Often I expect “perfect” behavior from my children without the faithful and deliberate effort on my part. Expecting children (or adults) discovering traits to use them perfectly, it’s just cruel.

Snuggled we sat and talked about his unique blend of gifts, of how God might use those gifts to help others and the battle for his mind, ultimately his heart.

Strong willed or compliant, adult or child, there is a battle and a challenge, the battle to surrender to authority or the battle to stand and speak with confidence to those in charge. Either way, we must be prepared to use our natural make-up for a purpose greater than ourselves.

It’s amazing the perspective shift God can do in a matter of seconds!

Everyone has special talents, use of these determines legacy.

Everyone has special talents, how they are used it what determines the legac

Love Challenge:  Today, look at your child, your spouse, your friends…those traits that drive you crazy, that make you plea with God, “Better step in NOW God because I’m done!” reveal some of their natural gifts. Will you choose to take your frustration to God asking Him to show you something greater than what’s before your eyes?

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