Love Challenge: When You’d Like To Leave The Kids On The Firehouse Stoop…Part I

This is day, hmmmmm 100 of my son running rampant….today’s spell found him like a baby beneath a table eating candies off the floor while at a cupcake decorating class….followed by running about like a rabid animal…. There are days when parenting is more difficult than others, like the drain a series of snow days, when days turn to weeks, months or years of constant battle, the firehouse stoop seems an appealing option as a new home for the kids. These are periods of time when I feel completely inadequate, when my attempts to cultivate and rally for a changed heart feel defeated before the day begins.

This is when parenting matters most.

Comliant Child

Some days I long for the compliant mild-mannered child that sits still, quietly awaiting instruction, a child that doesn’t always have a suggestion for instructions but simply does as is asked or told, but God knows me well enough to know that I’d simply mark the boxes on the “child behavior checklist” and grow a big head. No, God knows me well enough to know I’m already on my toes, I need to be

 on my knees.


ScooterConstantly praying that my inadequacies would not hinder my children, that God would intervene through my parenting, today was one of those moments…After my son’s series of less fortunate choices, I concluded we needed to hit the trail to decompress and burn some steam.  As life would have it, the unruly choices could not be thwarted by breathless scooter strides; we quickly retreated.


Back in the foxhole, facing a helpless parenting moment

(when it seems like nothing said or done will effect change)

I prayed.

Nothing fantastic or profound, perhaps something along the lines of, “Help me God before I do something drastic!”

So_Help_Me_God(If you’re in any authentic relationship, you’ve probably said that prayer.)

And He did…(Part 2 Friday)

Love Challenge: Do you recognize what keeps you on your knees as your greatest asset or does it get shucked in frustration? Will you show active love be stepping out of the situation and praying before spewing?

3 responses to “Love Challenge: When You’d Like To Leave The Kids On The Firehouse Stoop…Part I

  1. Hello! I can completely relate to what you wrote and based on the merit of that one post, I feel I must have other moments in common with you so will “follow” your blog to see if we can continue to stumble our way through life crying “help me Lord, help me!” Lol. I only have one child, an extremely energetic five year old, but we have had our moments, days and weeks as well. I have not got around to writing about the most recent ones yet – busyness and still processing some of it I guess; that and other blogposts get in the way.
    Anyway, thanks for being so transparent. No matter how many “ridiculously talented” writers there may be, God can use our talent to bring hope, light and freedom to another.

    • Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment! Isn’t it so great to know our God is always listening, available and desiring our best?! Your words of encouragement are appreciated!

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