Love Boot Camp- Can You Handle This?


With marriages failing faster than Social Security’s account, I know I’m not alone in resenting Valentine’s day a teeny bit. This year I’m choosing to ditch the negative feelings and outwit an over-commercialized superficial celebration of love. The blaring day is a “finish line” (though there’s no end to self-improvement), a constant reminder to better my heart through a wild workout- the Love Workout. This workout goes beyond toning the booty, thighs and abs. There’s only one target: The heart.

messy-roomProverbs (and Jesus) regularly explain that every action we take is an overflow or outpouring from our heart*. With only one heart to master, superficially this seems simple….until you take one look at your heart. For me, it’s like walking in a kids room after they dumped every toy imaginable on the bedroom floor (while on hold with the doctor’s office).




When our physiques are mismanaged, people jump through all sorts of hoops- CRAZY diets, ridiculously strenuous exercises and an arsenal of “supplements” for the desired results. We focus on a decaying body believing that putting our “best foot forward” equates to “easy-on-the-eyes”. While there is some truth to that, hearts leave a mighty and invisible impression behind. We overlook consciously exercising the heart. We make excuses…

“I’m aware of the problem and I’m working on it.”

(My standard answer and no, I do not work for the government).



Embrace. “Love me for who I am. You knew this about me when you decided to be in a relationship with me.”


Why treat your heart, the essence of all things living, less than your decaying physical being? If you choose, the next 12 days will be fabulously painful as you sweat the toxins from the innermost pores of your heart, the corners you didn’t know existed, as we work to purifying our hearts. WaterHeart

Not married? Not off the hook! The Love Workout transcends age, gender, marital status…it is the everyone workout!

It’s time to get started! If you’re on board for The Love Workout (boot camp for your heart):

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Let’s make Valentine’s Day 2014 transcend commercialism!

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