The Art Of Friendship

Moving beyond acquaintance to friend doesn’t always happen; sometimes it’s a forced reality…

Moving beyond acquaintance to friend doesn’t always happen; sometimes it’s a forced reality…

Completely forgetting my son’s art class, a call from another mom whipped us into action. We scrambled out the door; doubtful our feet ever touched the ground until we reached the seats of our car!

The thing is, I’ve been acquainted with this mom for a couple of years now. Our paths frequently cross as we have kids in the same class at church, but we’ve haven’t had an opportunity to get to know each other.

With kids in the same art and science class this semester; the time vault has opened up. Lovingly, you might say that we’re hostages on an island for forty-five minutes because the location precludes us from running another “necessary” but useless errand…and I’m glad!

Friendship necessitates vulnerability.

Friendship necessitates vulnerability.

Friendship is a word I once tossed around carelessly. I considered most people a friend, but being an outgoing personality, this lead to much confusion. My mom’s remarks about my social life left me to wonder, what is a friend? Rarely in balance, I swung to the other side and referred to people I met as “acquaintances”.

You see, friendship, genuine friendships, require more than the transparency that can be controlled and given out in doses as we gain comfort with acquaintances. Friendship necessitates vulnerability. Caught compromised, ties can easily be cut with an acquaintance; it is friends that we turn to for counsel and comfort, friends to whom we will provide an explanation.

FriendshipBullseyeOver the years and geographical moves, I’ve learned that most people are acquaintances, many are friends but few are trusted companions. Consider a bullseye for friendship. Jesus had thousands of followers (His acquaintances), He had twelve disciples (friends), but of those there were three He revealed more to than the others (companions).

Seeing this vibrant mom after a hasty dash to art class, I felt naked. Having completely dropped the ball I was disheveled in appearance and manner alike! There was no possibility of presenting a poised family, I was completely vulnerable and that’s when it happened. Her warm smile and understanding reassurance covered my shortcomings, something only a friend can do.SoccerSidelineParents

When you’re having one of those days, don’t avoid the acquaintance on the sideline of the field or gym, look in the eyes of those you have grown accustomed to seeing and the birth of friendship may the blessing of your shortcomings.

Heart Check: Who is in your bull’s-eye? Are you willing to become vulnerable to create meaningful friendships?

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