How To Spend Your Social Equity Right Now

IAmANewPersonUnexpected visitors arrived at our door this afternoon and we were delighted to spontaneously spend a few minutes with our friends…but that meant my writing block was derailed.

I believe in being committed to tasks, but precious moments like these are gems that too often get passed by for practical reasons. So forgive me for less polished thoughts, but please consider this thought:

Social equity: How do you spend yours?

Easily, we find the people we’re comfortable around, there are common interests, similar family structures…before we know it, the gate is closed to new visitors. Life is good, we invest deeply in those friendships; sometimes too deeply. I recall literally approaching a circle of women at a church I was new to, verbally saying “hi” and being ignored! OUCH!

You see, we’ve all been new to a scene. The discomfort and effort of reaching out and getting to know new people can be overwhelming and exhausting. On top of that, new people bear the brunt of the “full social card”. (Note above circle of women too engrossed with each other to even say “hi”.)

Time to visit with people we are acquainted is sparse so why try to get to know another person? “You’re killing me!” We make excuses, which becomes easier to do with age, to not engage the “new person”.  We’re so caught-up in our own version of the Kardashian’s that we’re blind to people who genuinely need a friend, need rock-hard kindness passed their direction.

This weekend, when you’re with your group enjoying your scene (whatever that is) enjoy them, when you’re at church, say “hi”, but don’t close your door to the person you don’t recognize. Invest your social equity by showing kindness and maybe you’ll make a new friend.

Heart Check: Who comes to mind that you can reach out to? If nobody, consider why and tackle all your excuses!

I LOVE hearing from you! What do you think about social equity?

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