The Ultimate Repurposer


Will you allow God to repurpose life’s baggage for good?

Recently I’ve been studying the book of Matthew requiring much faithfulness on my part. Pathetically, shamefully, the luster of Christ’s life and sacrifice, the singular reason for my hope, grows dim and sadly, quickly fades while I inhale the literal easy-to-digest fun-to-grapple-with “how to” letters that follow (all impossible without Christ). For your comfort, what I’m writing isn’t anything God doesn’t already know. We’ve talk often.

Mid-Matthew we catch Jesus taking a basic family dinner and transforming it into a larger than life provision for five thousand. Massively impressive, but sometimes the familiar story makes me wonder, “What does that mean for us today?”

Candidly, I prayed.

God delivered.

Today I became re-acquainted with Jesus, the Ultimate Repurposer.

“So when they were filled, He said to His disciples, “Gather up the fragments that remain, so that nothing is lost.”

John 6:12

Christ starts with us, nothingness, and pours into our hearts so much that we overflow. The thing is, we’re not suppose to overflow for ourselves, to store like depression era canned goods, we’re suppose to spread it, share it! Stored too long, things grow rancid. Have you? Are you faithful with the “leftovers” in your life?

To be human is to be broken, at times pummeled fragmented bits yet God picks up those crumbs, the smallest part of a beating heart and transforms it. Have you ever noticed how fragments from life struggles are tasty morsels of hope and encouragement for others? The stench of My former life could weigh me down with disgust and disbelief, but I’ve watched God repurpose it into something that anchors my faith and help others.

Encouraging as all this is, it’s just the beginning! The “simple” act is just a glimpse of the coming larger than life provision of salvation to the five thousand and all who believe (for us, salvation is here)!  While Christ ministered on earth, He gave us the ultimate Costco-like sampling of His tender care, love, compassion, ability to know individual needs; He gives us literal reasons to extend faith in Him alone.  

It may be fragments from a beating or leftovers from a blessing, either way, God can take it and repurpose it into the least expected beauty when we ask. Will you ask?

Heart Check: What are you doing with your leftovers? (You have them, even if they’re not the tasty type.)

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