Veridical Love: The Power of WHO

Brief note: Yesterday I posted a piece that was pretty gloomy. It kinda crushed me that I had to end on a down note when there’s such an exciting weight-off-the-shoulders hopeful help. I actually pulled it off the web while I reworked it further until my soul was satisfied. If you didn’t catch the first piece, here’s the link (renamed and reworked) Veridical Love


who will you be name tags

who_will_you_be_blog_imageWho are we seeking to please? Heartbreaking, the divorce stats for religious couples are greater than non-religious counterparts. Those who experience take-it-to-the-bank-love and unending forgiveness from God are unwilling to extend the love that levels all things. (Truth be told, I’m this person no less than one time a day, a state perfectly stated “natural born sinner”.) I LOVE this timeless example of this straight from Jesus HERE (Parable of the Unforgiving Debtor Matthew 18: 21-35).

Merely brushing shoulders with God makes it impossible to share His heart, His love; to extend forgiveness unnatural to hearts that idolize the almighty self.  When Moses encountered just a quick “drive by” from God, he had to veil his face because it was so radiant! Over time, it faded. All things untended do.

Successful relationships require time and attention. Are you willing to get to know the God who created you? He already knows you, after all, He created you and thinks about you so much it cannot be counted (Psalm 40:5)! Are you willing to set time aside to read His words and get to know Him?

Life WILL ignite the moment you choose God over the almighty self. Even if your spouse is unchanged, you aren’t. It’s no longer about trying to make yourself or your spouse “happy” (whatever that means at any point), it’s about pleasing a loving generous God.  Wildly encouraging to me is the fact God promises to help us with the dailies of life, He gives us the strength to courageously press on, to hold on especially when life and marriage get nasty.

step of faith couple

You may feel like burning the house down at the moment, but you can do that any ol’ time. Why not take a step of faith, why not look to God for help? From experience, I am always caught-off-guard in amazement at what a simple priority/relationship shift towards God does- every time!

Time to make dinner again, to understand a spouse who seems impossible, these are sure things. When these things happen, are you certain who will you be?

I’d love to hear from you! What do you believe really matters? What keeps you on your relationship road?

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