Veridical Love

An empty chair from a husband who lost track of time at the office (perhaps avoiding a mealtime catastrophe), a scrunched wincing face of a toddler staring at her plate and a boy with the wiggles…dinner entrées around my home are regularly a losing roulette and the chips are nearly depleted.

Have you ever watched (or felt) a mind turn to a spinning wheel when communication doesn’t make sense?

Have you ever watched (or felt) a mind turn to a spinning wheel when communication doesn’t make sense?

I’m not the only mom who has felt this way, but how many husbands feel that way about trying to speak their wives perpetually changing “language”? What’s the tipping point when a husband simply stops doing the unnoticed chore or attempting to speak tenderly because seemingly it makes no difference? When a wife fantasized about one one-way ticket to a warm island with umbrella drinks?

Reasons to exit a relationship, to leave what has grown into a vile concoction of misery, inadequacy and worthlessness, abound in a society with statistics to prove you have a shady future at best. Will you take relationship exit 6 years 2 months, the statistical 20 years empty nest or willingly remain  to experience a journey of uncertainty?

If you’re going to stay on this epic life road trip, you’ll need more than a coffee stop upper, more than quick mart snacks to tide hunger; far more is needed to make the journey possible. Where will “more” come from? How will you manage and arrive at your best? Better question, (my favorite for the year):


Regardless of the fingernails-on-the-chalkboard irritations or hurtful blows from a spouse, WHO will YOU be?

How will you be that person?

I’ll be faithful at least to keeping it under 350 words, so expect part II soon. Sign up for email updates if you don’t want to miss it!

In the meantime, everyone needs to laugh and I’m certain you and yours will get one from this!

I’d love to hear from you! Who have you been and who are you becoming on your relationship journey?

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