Chasing Faith: Love’s White Flag

When it seems unbearable, too much to be stuck in the fox hole with a spouse a moment longer, we look to the cross, to the enduring suffering of Christ our Savior and God the Father who love us despite us. Who willingly remain in the fox hole with people like me so wrought with selfishness and pride, who lash out over superficial infractions yet dismiss major sin for convenience. Beyond our spouse, acts of surrender begin within our hearts in obedience to God.

When we want to toss our rings aside to forge a new path, we taste but a minuscule drop of the suffering Christ endured for me, for you.

Our spouse was the bait we willingly bit, bait that will teach those willing a deeper meaning of love. As we struggle we can look to the barren cross, the empty grave, the signs of love, power, perfect obedience…We can be resolve because Christ promises to help us in ALL things for His glory. Another shattered home is the gray of Dorothy’s Kansas compared to the perplexing rainbow of surrendered obedience of loving despite the dismissal of a spouse.

Will you choose to allow your circumstances to draw you into God’s world as you lean-in and look-up?

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