Love’s White Flag

ONE, that's all it takes.

“Truth be told, I could wring his neck” may not be the best words to utter to the woman who birthed your husband…Fortunately, she understood.

“One of those days”…sigh…not a soul could do a thing right. The bickering, the snarly TOV’s. It was just one of those days where getting out of the funk seemed impossible.  A lot of rotten things spewed from my mouth that day toward my husband, but the moment I made one right move something began to change in my heart.

TWO DAYS he kept talking about a candlelight tour of the McHenry Mansion where we were married. I wasn’t doing cartwheels over this plan, after all everyone in my home was on my short list, but I did go along with the plan, the first right step I’d made in days. At the last-minute there was an odd and significant occurrence: both our parents were available to join us.

Entering through the side garden gate, the same gate my husband had walked through as an unmarried man, I explained to our kids how we walked through the garden gates meeting at the midpoint to make a promise with God to love each other (real love, not Hollywood fluff).  At the altar there we stood, now a family of four. Now engaging real love.

The basement, complete with cake and punch for the evenings guests, was like a ghostly memory growing brighter as I remembered our wedding reception. Appreciation for our parents swept over me. Tears brushed aside while I held my giddy daughter and my mind began to understand a new dimension of our parents: they’ve done this.

They fell in love,

were married,

raised children together…

they’ve done it and survived.

Meaningfully but briefly I thanked our parents for their examples of enduring love. Had I not kept it simple, I probably would have bawled tears of love, laughter and hate all at the same time….

my heart began to decompress.

ONE, that’s all it takes. ONE act of surrendered love for your spouse can begin the shift in your heart.

Heart Check: What surrendered step will you take toward your spouse today?

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