New Year New WHO?

New Year New WHO?

New Year New WHO?

Here it is, the beginning of a new year! The slate is fresh and clean….oh wait, WE aren’t new and our choices last year are still with us! The highs, a successful recovery from the previous years iniquities (2012) or some challenges still nipping at our heals are heading into the year with us.

Zealous beginnings often become jaded by life’s realities…getting kids to school, building careers to meet financial and personal needs, bare minimum housekeeping, tending the hearts of a spouse and/or children…the new year quickly becomes the feeling of another “tried-failed”. At least this is my experience.

I want desperately to grab the coat tails of the glorious New Year like the reigns of the most magnificent steed after successfully defeating an enemy (complacency, over-commitment, disorderliness…)

Different…what will be different? WHAT has little power compared to WHO.

Who will be different? Will you and I purpose to be different? Just as ‘relational baggage’ is carried about, life baggage follows suit. This year, it’s coming along; a nemesis to freedom. Yes, the drain of picking-up the messes of last year (even if it’s been an “up” year); it’s real; it’s messy.

One word: Priorities.

Who and what will be at the top of your priority food chain? How do you intend to keep those priorities straight when the year whips into hyper-drive like the Millennium Falcon trying to outrun the Death Star (if you don’t know the reference, your spouse will probably appreciate it)?

Speaking for myself, I’ve determined that the best times of my life, the shiniest silver linings, through good and desperate times, through anytime, is when my relationship with God was first priority. What does that mean? My day began meditating on bible passages, praying with God, but it didn’t stop there. Throughout the day, like a text I’d send to a friend, I interacted with God and He with me. Priorities in check,  I’m wildly excited about what God has in store for 2104 (which also scares me a bit if I’m honest because it’s not always easy).

Heart Check: WHO will YOU be this year? I’d love to hear who/what make the top 5 of your priority list and ideas on how you’re going to keep yourself inline!


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