Heart & Mouth Disease

We’re oddly self-absorbed critical beings quick to say what’s irritating us, but when an affirmation is in order, suddenly we grow bashfully silent. Truly “out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks” but it seems that only half the heart is working.

Words are loud and plenty when tensions run high but present an opportunity to affirm or encourage and there’s a pause; or worse, silence.  If only we paused before our criticisms lashed out!

Somehow it’s acceptable to throw arms in the air when a driver upsets us, or pop a blurb on Facebook, but have you ever seen people overwhelmed with affirmations at the grocery store, gas station, coffee shop….Too often we “expect” and when a situation doesn’t meet our expectations, the rant begins. Unfortunately, when expectations are met, the same energy isn’t expressed in gratitude.

Admittedly, I quickly criticize and complain, even just by my tone of voice (TOV) to my husband and kids. That tinge of whining (that I’m now hearing come from our daughter- reality check to my influence!) or blank face and cold body posture…What would my family be like if I changed, if I paused before unleashing my opinion but raced to praise? What would our culture look like if we changed?

Heart Check: You will choose today to be expressive in some way, the question is who will you choose to be? Will you choose today to post an encouraging moment on this page or whatever your social media vice is?

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