The Problem With Kids

I have a problem with kids…particularly my own…and this isn’t going to be followed by a gush of gooey love and passive praise about them or my parenting.

While our son was getting water from the refrigerator door his little sister decided he didn’t exist and could walk through and over him to get what she wanted. You can imagine the argument that ensued. One of those moments I was certainly “ref” NOT “dearly beloved mommy”.  The typical kid scenario was quickly resolved, silly hugs of laughter and all, but my heart had been pierced.

The reality is, as I attempt to teach and train these selfish egotistical beings, there’s a larger ego and more skillfully trained selfish heart I’m dealing with- my own.

The constant mirrors my children provide have been the single most effective scalpel God has used to carve out overgrown masses of pride, selfishness, what I thought was “love” and control.    As I engage my precious kids I face the reality of my own shortcomings often leading me to a prayer of confession and repentance. It’s painfully beautiful and healing.

In all fairness, the problem isn’t with kids, it’s with my heart.

Heart Check: Do you like what’s being reflected in your family? Are you willing to look in the mirror and take the next step?

*Don’t mistake self-honesty with “being to hard behind on myself”. Too often we hide behind  words like “don’t beat yourself up”  or “you’re too hard on yourself”. Too often we give an out instead of engaging a wrong behavior or way of thinking missing the opportunity for personal growth and deep peace. Don’t miss out!

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