Journey to 5280 and Back: Live Where You Live

Geography is only one factor of living. Really evaluating what was important to our family and re-evaluating over time has caused us to make “adjustments”. Geographically we are not where we would like to be, but we are content “living where we live”.

Being able to stop by for an impromptu visit with extended family has been a showstopper- hands-down makes it worth it! Not to mention the bountiful produce and ability to be outdoors nearly constantly…being able to head visit friends in the state, catch a tranquil family moment in our favorite place for the weekend on a whim…(Lake Tahoe)…icing on the cake. There have been countless upsides to where we live.

The reality of living anywhere is that life is busy. We once enjoyed heading back to California for a visit because everyone took a bit of time off and visits were concentrated quality time. Ironically, we were able to enjoy the flip side of this while visiting friends in Denver last December.

Simply put. I’d never change ANY of our geographical decisions. Not ever.

LIVE, really, truly wholeheartedly LIVE wherever you are- you never know the next curve ball life will toss at you!


Disclaimer: Everyone must follow their own life journey…this may not mean you live by family. These pieces are not a value statement about the lives and choices of other rather a reflection of a personal journey.

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