Journey to 5280 and Back: Blood

My family banded together to take care of Gramps. I watched the sacrifices family was willing to make to care for him and Gram.

Something shattered inside of me.

After losing two babies though miscarriages, my concept of life had shifted dramatically…a new depth of richness was being added to that:

Life isn’t guarenteed to the youngest, the middle aged or the elderly.

With Gramps crash, I could also see Gram aging and changing. These incredible fountain-of-life people who shaped my life incredibly were old and no longer could that be denied. Their time was/is coming to an end and the opportunity this side of heaven to spend time with them was/is fading quickly.

Eyes were being opened and denial about my own wrinkles and of those I love was a sobering reality check…Contemplating my parents’ life and realizing the time we have to spend together, the time my kids have to get to know these brilliant people wouldn’t last forever.

Another reality check: airfare was going up…I wasn’t working any longer….the ability to “just catch a flight” had passed and we were entering the age of “airfare accountability”: Paying for kids over the age of two….now it’s three airfares and soon it will be four…what will happen when our family needs us? How will we be able to support them from this far away?

Disclaimer: Everyone must follow their own life journey…this may not mean you live by family. These pieces are not a value statement about the lives and choices of other rather a reflection of a personal journey.

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