Journey to 5280 and Back: So Long California

Moving away didn’t seem like too much of stretch. All of my brothers (3) had moved around the California and even out of state for a spell. Family was important, but in practical application, everyone was so busy building their lives that it didn’t seem like there was too much time for each other.

I literally recall thinking, “What’s the difference living a thousand miles apart and flying out to see family a couple times a year when that’s all I’ll see them anyway?” We might as well enjoy our geography and lifestyle options on a daily basis.” Even now, it sounds good; accurate. DAILY grind vs. __ ?

Our parents were in good health, other family members lived in proximity to care for them. Yes, Gram and Gramps were getting older, but they’ve been threatening to die since they were sixty! Seems a safe bet they’ll be ticking for a while longer.

We bid farewell to my family after my brothers wedding- literally. And headed across the country again.

Favorite memories of that drive: I was a virgin to the energy drink world until that drive…at one point, Steve literally said, “I think you’ve had enough”…falling asleep on the curb of some random parking lot in Utah and waking to a magnificent rainbow… blasting Red Hot Chili Peppers newest album Stadium Arcadium…speeding through the desert in the middle of the night (kinda creepy) at fantastic speeds (use your imagination and add 100% more)…

Disclaimer: Everyone must follow their own life journey…this may not mean you live by family. These pieces are not a value statement about the lives and choices of other rather a reflection of a personal journey.

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