Journey to 5280 and Back: Tangible

Two phone interviews and two job offers later, I landed a teaching job with one of the top school districts in the area. Now that we knew where I’d be working, we knew where to look for a property. We flew out for a “buying trip”. Our Realtor, Keli Barton, was phenomenal in every way!

We knew what we wanted: A condo near a greenbelt to exercise on and ability to walk to many places (we wanted to be out exploring, not pinned down to a yard and house like we had been). We found what we were looking for, wrote an offer and hopped on a plane back home. I still recall a week of negotiating while working…the pins and needles excitement of it.

Even writing this segment, I can feel the exhilaration of our plan coming to fruition. It was an exciting time- we were building our life and we could literally see it happening!

Disclaimer: Everyone must follow their own life journey…this may not mean you live by family. These pieces are not a value statement about the lives and choices of other rather a reflection of a personal journey.

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