Journey to 5280 and Back: Lustful Plan

The phases of a romantic plan parallel our experience. We entered the “lust” phase….All thoughts all the time revolved around making the move happen.

Steps to move for us looked like this (seriously, I don’t exaggerate when I say I’m a check-it-off-the-list person):

  1. Get married
  2. Steve to finish degree
  3. Julie to land teaching job in the Boulder/Denver area
  4. Find tenant for our California home
  5. Move!

I scoped out school districts and began a marketing campaign to land a job. Sheesh, there wasn’t a principal that I didn’t send a packet to or call until I got through when it came to schools I was interested in working for!

When I found the hot spots we took a meet-and-greet/where to live trip back to Colorado. This time, we didn’t rough it like our road trip; we stayed in a nice hotel and lived it up for a few days.

Later I flew to Fort Collins for a job fair for teachers to up my odds of being hired as an out-of-state candidate.

A couple phone interviews led to job offers.

Lust turned reality!

Disclaimer: Everyone must follow their own life journey…this may not mean you live by family. These pieces are not a value statement about the lives and choices of other rather a reflection of a personal journey.

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