Chasing Faith: Waiting

WAIT may be one of the most foul four letters words in western cultures, but we’re not the originators of impatience.

Multiple levels of deception lace Isaac’s family at the end of his life providing incredible family drama. A quick snapshot: Isaac is secretly giving a birthright to his favorite son Esau which legitimately belonged to his other son Jacob (Esau had been impatient and sold it, a common practice, for food Jacob was preparing). Meanwhile, his wife “overhears” this plot and creates a counter-op for her favorite son Jacob who willingly complies with her strategy.

All these characters are using their own means to get what they want, when they want it instead of waiting for God (who has incredible ways of accomplishing things). With examples like this, it would be easy to be self-righteousness with regards to waiting.

But what about you and me? Are we patiently waiting on God something?

Are we trusting in our limited conventional ways instead of taking it to God first?

Looking back this “waiting for God” is actually a painful lesson as I can see fork-in-the-road moments where instead of waiting for God to provide the solution, I created my own. Like Esau I was hungry for something and wanted it in my timing. Like Rebekah, I’ve known circumstances should end one way, but made them happen my way due to a lack of faith (as if God isn’t sovereign). Like Jacob, I’ve done what others have told me to. Like Isaac, I’ve led people in my own ways to get what I wanted…

Read the full story of these people here.

Heart Check: Who are you today? Jacob? Isaac? Esau? Rebekah? Maybe it’s plotting with your taxes (sounds odd, but reality and paperwork can be sharply different), nagging a husband,  trying to control a teenager in your home, planting seeds of doubt in someone’s mind…. Will you choose to give God an opportunity to work incredible wonders in your life as you prayerfully wait for His timing and means?

Post Note: Waking to meditate and write early, but alas, children wake when they do….kids crawling on my and playing as I try to write this morning…I hope this segment is clear through it all!

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