Journey to 5280 and Back: Thoughts Turn to Action

What we think about, we gravitate towards.

Our continual talks about moving to Colorado led to our first road trip to the state. For us, this was “Heading West”. It was exciting, not as beautiful as I thought it would be, but so much fun to be exploring a new area! Sure, we’d traveled most of the western states and into BC, but the prospect of living daily life in another state (or place) takes things to a whole new level.

We spent time exploring and walking Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs. The three communities reminded us, like many others, of areas close to where we were living….we sized it up like this:

Denver = about the size of Sacramento, CA exponentially cleaner city with super kind and polite people; level headed liberal.

Boulder = cleaner more sophisticated smaller Berkeley, equally progressively liberal.

Colorado Springs, a conservative community with some really good food.

Because Steve wanted to land a job with an outdoor company we were mainly interested in the Boulder/Denver area. Contact was made with Realtors in said areas and they showed us the neighborhoods we would be able to purchase a home.

As silly as it sounds, we spent time geocaching.  Nothing will get you off the beaten path like geocaching!

Curiosity turned obsession to lust.

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