Faded Silence

Silence. Yes, Peacequility has been silent for months now. Life has been been like mint in the best mojito- fresh cut and ground down.

Take a moment and visualize that.

This process creates a fabulously refreshing drink, and though it’s been difficult to undergo the mashing process, it’s been oddly incredible.

I’ve shirked from writing because much of this process has deeply penetrated my heart; more so my soul, my faith. Attempting to contextualize and understand even the most superficial meaning of experiences has satiated my being. Alas, the time to write is here!

While stretching weary muscles I stared at the grain of the wood beneath my being. Peering straight down from standing position, knots and variations in the grain created one uniform pattern. Looking at the same area while seated I noticed that pattern was made of hundreds of small lines that actually looked stacked upon another much like a suspended staircase with see through steps that don’t actually touch one another.

Currently this is my life experience. Multiple seemingly unrelated experiences that affect another. The pattern yet to be determined, but growing daily.

Heart Check: Stop and visualize. What tangibly represents your life experience? What has been pressing you in life?

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