Living With Myself: Fatal 10 Seconds

Coffee palmed perfectly, biscuit on plate and sitting with a few women who push my thinking I faced the ultimate challenge: “What if we taped your mouth shut for one evening while we spoke?”

It wasn’t that this new friend was taking a stab at my idling engine (my tongue that never stops) but a conversation among friends surrounding one of the most challenging muscles of our body. Swirling in my mind and occasionally even surfacing in my actions I’ve taken on a challenge to pause and wait……..wait T.E.N. entire COMPLETE s.e.c.o.n.d.s before responding in conversation.

Oddly, these ten seconds seem like an eternity for my race horse tongue! Brightly, the moments I’ve been controlled enough to do this, I have heard things that arguably would have been missed. Those moments when instead of inserting my ideology on my son I pause and allow him to continue have been a revealing window into his heart and mind.

Truly, it’s simple: Speak less. Learn more.

now if only I could do this with my husband…..

Heart Check: Who do you need to give the ten second pause?

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