Pretense: A Window Into The Heart

Opportunities to be alone with a family member have become a rare commodity around our home. The other day my son and I had one of these precious moments.

He began to tell me a ‘story’ that was most enlightening…”I got hit by a car and the ambulance had to take me away. Grandma tried to call you, but you couldn’t come because you were at work. They had to give me shots….”

It was heart wrenching to listen to his story, but the importance of hearing his heart was tangible.  Equally important, it gave me the opportunity to reassure him about things I never would have known were on his mind.

I’ve heard, sadly often, adults tell children, to remember “that’s just pretend” or “don’t make stories up”. For me, listening to my son’s stories can be the ultimate periscope to his heart, mind and soul. Wouldn’t it have been sad if I had I not listened to his story completely and intently?

Heart Check: What are you missing out on because you dismiss or label a person’s measured or unmeasured words based on your own limited context and understanding?

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