Don’t fly solo.

Western culture feeds a self-made thinking which makes it pretty scary when circumstances our out of our control; nearly every situation in life falls into that category if we’re honest.

We’re not meant to journey through life solo. Having a support system built on personal and professional relationships is imperative. Those sharing life with you are only able to support and help as much as they know and understand what is occurring in your life. Twice through our recent process I’ve wanted to quit, but precious friends have breathed new into me.

“Protecting” oneself by not “burdening” a dear friend is a false sense of relationship. Transparency, vulnerability, as scary as they are cultivate life; community, genuine relationship. Accepting help and encouragement is just as important as giving it. 

Additionally, having professional input from trusted advisors is imperative to growing a thriving business. A single being or even two, will not hold all the knowledge that will lead to success.

Heart Check: Is your pride keeping you from receiving and giving genuine relationship with those who are close to you?

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