Failure Based Success

My husband and I work diligently at building our business, but a large part of our work has been personal growth. If you’re holding a shot glass vs. a pint glass which is going to hold more of your favorite beverage? The same is true about our beings. We can only be as successful as we’re prepared to handle. This short series is the froth of a great deal of recent personal growth that has been incredibly painful, liberating, rewarding and still in progress. You may not agree, but everything we input has a ripple effect; you never know the journey a slight thought will take you on. All aboard!

BACK OFF. Our business is in an industry where I’ve had past success on my own. When my husband and I first ventured out together, I bossed my husband around and certainly barked orders….to be fair, he did say he liked  Pepper, Iron Man’s assistant….maybe I need to rethink what he was referencing…I expected him to do as I suggested and was grossly disappointed when he “failed” by not sticking to the letter of what I said.

His voice was squashed. stifled. silenced. It showed.

When we hold on too tightly, we kill what is in our hands. I was killing my husbands spirit.

A painful and terrifying process began to take place…I LET GO. Not perfectly, it will always be a daily struggle, but I’ve let go and have given him the opportunity to fail at leading our company, which in turn is the ultimate opportunity to succeed.

This series will talk about HOW I’m learning to let go.

Heart Check: Do you give those around you the opportunity to succeed by granting the opportunity to fail?

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