Passing Life Passengers

Some relationships aren’t for life, yet the encounter, brief as it may be, leaves a profound mark on a life.  Some relationships life brings together through jobs, hobbies etc. but once we’re no longer participating in those venues, the relationship wanes.  I once thought these were mere relationships of convenience therefore not a genuine friendship at all. In all reality, it would be impossible to carry on a deeply sincere lifelong friendship with every person we met.

These friendships are actually quite important as they are often brought about through a shared experience. No one else in your life will be able to tangibly understand struggles with a difficult boss, the exhilaration of launching a new product, the joy of watching children learn a new skill,  the rush of reaching a summit….no one else will be able to specifically encourage and walk through the subtleties of life like those who immediately surround you.

Heart Check: Who are some passing passengers in your life right now? What kind of passenger are you to those around you?

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