Anxiety is something that has plagued me as long as I can remember. SERIOUSLY. Fear gripped paralyzed me as early as age THREE. Recently my kids and I have been watching this video Philippians 4:6-7 which has been a really solid reminder of a pattern to peace and comfort despite personal and cultural current events. Here’s my personal breakdown of the first portion:

DON’T be anxious about ANYTHING:This is like a Sergent giving a command, “Drop and give me ten!”. Pretty certain we wouldn’t argue with the Sarge….so why do we argue with God’s command and willingly CHOOSE TO LIVE ANXIOUSLY? So many things limit us, yet God works to set us free from anxiety.

In EVERY SITUATION: Preposition IN. Not before, not after, but D.U.R.I.N.G. every single situation….not just the moment when we’re completely frustrated and need to vent, but EVERY, that means the happy-go-lucky moments too.

By praying and asking: Take time. pray. ASK.  We don’t have to have the “right words” or hours on hand to have a conversation with God. It’s not only okay to ask, but God WANTS us to ask for what we think we need. 

With THANKSGIVING, present your requests to God: Take a moment to recall what God has already done in your life, be grateful and acknowledge. The seeds of gratitude do wonders for the soul! Trust in God grows as we consciously contemplate what He has accomplished in our life. Knowing the silly prayers to find keys and/or cries in anguish while our hearts  are breaking have been heard and answered in some capacity all work together to build faith; belief that truly, great or small, God hears all our prayers.

Heart Check: What are you doing with the anxiety in your life? How’s that working for you?

Chasing Faith: Are you willing to trust that God actually will listen to your prayers and respond? (Pretty bold, right?)

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