You Don’t Know Me

Candidly, quite ashamedly, I can easily put on my best manners for acquaintances and friends even when fatigued; asked to do the same for family and you’ve got another thing coming to ya!  Somehow, it’s easy to find those newer in our life exciting, interesting and fun to get to know; all the while missing the gifts that have shared life with us all along. Why is it that we find it so difficult to know deeply and transparently those closest to us? It’s as if a quota or threshold  has been met and the desire to dig and learn more about a person has ceased. Oddly, family, those who have walked through life with us,  get the short end of the stick.

We see them as they WERE at a given point rather than who they have become in the present. Some traits will be carried through life; a constant struggle that ebbs and flows. Will you be bold enough to know the person well enough to respond to the present person or will you stick to the cast iron statue you have created in your heart and mind?

Today, unwrap the gifts before you! If you think you know a person to the core, its guaranteed there are a few tricks up the sleeves! After all, people are static and dynamic, right?

Heart Check: What family member do you think you really know? What family member should you get to know?

Chasing Faith: If you and those around you have an active faith in Christ, your lives will CONSTANTLY be changing. Give grace and know the person before you.

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