The Squeeze

Squeeze an egg, you’ll have goo in your hands. Squeeze a can it will crunch and crush. Squeeze a bird, it will die.

Being a hyper type-A I could write a dissertation on this topic….how often I’ve been narrow minded and stubborn. I can fight so vigorously, and against those I love the most (how backwards is that?!), that I squeeze the life out of those around me.  As a young nineteen year old girl I told a complete non-athlete who was holding me back while backpacking that, “If you speed up, I’ll slow down.” (We both laugh about it now, but I’m still embarrassed!)

The reality is that the more we squeeze, often out of selfishness and/or fear,  the more we suffocate the beauty before us. Selfishness may be more than meets the eye. It could be a lack of understanding and willingness to seek to understand. Naivety can lead to fear which can lead to clinched fists and the death of love, joy, peace…..

Just as food in the palm of a hand can draw birds, pry the clinched fists open and let everyone and everything around you breath.

Heart Check:What are you squeezing? What do you need to release?

Chasing Faith: I lived with my fists clenched out of fear from my earliest years. Over the years, God has pried my fists open. He is trustworthy, caring and loving. The more I trust in His power, the more I can release and appreciate those around me.

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