Peacequility has taken a back-burner so to speak as I’ve been derailed. If you thought I ran out of content, you’re OUT OF YOUR MIND! Revisiting my goal (short relevant pieces that are a bit imperfect) was the first small step that perhaps prove to put me back on track…

What has derailed you in life? A sudden and unexpected health issue? Endless work that seems to daily bury you deeper? Constant demands from your family that deplete your energy- and the reserves? Needs within your community? Misplaced priorities?

In reality, we daily run a gauntlet; life constantly trying to take us in a myriad of directions unrelated to our path. We can hide under the pretense that we’re “going with the flow”, but for me, that was just my excuse to not rise to the challenge. To accomplish what we set out to do require determination, purpose, focus, RESOLVE and a willingness to give-up something else for what we ultimately desire.

Excuses for not doing are plenty and ripe for the picking, but what is there to show at the end?

Heart Check: Are you derailed? What one small step will you take to get back on the track today?

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