F**********: The Final Word

Warning:This post is central to Chasing Faith and in its entirety to based on faith. This is clearly marked, so if that is offensive to you, pass along right now.

Western thought and life practice is completely about “self” and “self-reliance”. Unfortunately, when it comes to ultimate forgiveness from God, we make it all too complicated and often attempt to argue with the simplicity of reconnecting a broken relationship with God through Jesus. If there’s any relationship that is fractured in you life, that you need to give/receive forgiveness, beginning with Jesus will shed perspective and give you the inner power needed to face the people in your life.

God doesn’t discriminate! As you walk through your day, look around and use your senses. I’ve been overwhelmed by springs beauty, the crisp blue sky, the bright colors on flowers, the sounds of birds everywhere….God made these beautiful things for ALL to see regardless of race, gender, income level, political position, health…..the beauty around us is FREE for our enjoyment- just as a relationship with God is FREE. Did God make you or me “do” anything in order to view these lovely things? NOPE. The beauty is there- for EVERYONE- for FREE.

A relationship with God through Jesus is the same.- for EVERYONE- for FREE. God LOVES YOU AND ME! He wants to share life with us; to help us in every way. If you haven’t taken time to have a forgiveness talk with God, stop now and do it! It’s no different than talking with anyone else you need to give/receive forgiveness from (except that it will change your heart in such a beautiful way and give you the strength you need to face any of life’s circumstances).

ACKNOWLEDGE that He is God. THANK Him for sending His son Jesus to die on the cross; a perfect and pure man killed by men. ASK God to forgive you for your shortcomings and to INVITE Him to come into your life.

Heart Check: Are you over-thinking the simplicity of a forgiveness talk with God? Are you letting preconceived ideas hinder you from learning more?

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