F******: Walking In Ashes and Quills

As if it isn’t hard enough swallow one’s pride, fess-up and ask for forgiveness there’s the alter ego; times when one must exist among whoever or whatever it is that inflicted insult and injury. Sometimes moving on after forgiveness has taken place is painful; we must walk among the ashes while something new is rebuilt.

The rebuilding process can be painful because there are times when someone/something is like a splinter beneath the skin that cannot be removed; it hurts with every move as we are forced to interact with the person while living together, sharing custody, working together, running in the same circles, worshiping at the same church/temple…the behavior continues and one must continually forgive.

The ashes of an offense will always remain, but where they stay is a choice. We can choose to box them up and shelf them in our hearts to breed a perpetually hostile attitude towards someone/something or to let them dance in the wind on their way to a scattered resting place. The single choice of holding on OR letting go will forever change our attitude in even the most subtle of ways.

After a raging fire that devastates a forest life is reborn. It’s uncanny how the few scattered ashes that landed at ones feet can be the breeding ground for the most beautiful life. The reality is that things will grow from the point of forgiveness. What will grow from yours?

Heart Check: Is there an incident/event or someone you’ve boxed up that needs to be released?

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