F******: Masking The Need

At the time it seemed a tragedy that I wasn’t allowed to shave my legs until I was officially a teenager. However, having older siblings razors were left in the shower and the temptation became constant. I could shave my legs, only I would know…I caved and shaved.

Coincidently, my mom took me shopping for a dress that same day.  I kept thinking she was going to nail me for my sleek legs (looking back, who would have noticed the fair peach fuzz was gone anyways) and was on pins and needles. Suffice to say, the trip was cut short due to a less than desirable attitude on my part.

Looking back, this story amuses me, but there are many valid life lessons learned. Try as we might to mask our offenses, they will reveal themselves in some form. As adults, we have a greater capacity to rationalize, marginalize and compartmentalize offenses that should be dealt with. It’s easy to get caught up in a plausible-contingent-alter reality which means we’re not being ourselves or receiving those around us as who they are.  Minor offenses become vast canyons that divide and separate relationships because our true self is stifled by our own making.

The more we hide and don’t seek forgiveness the wider the gap between a relationship grows.  Intimacy cannot take place when people are injured. Walls are built and defenses formed.

Heart Check: Are you masquerading around instead of being honest with yourself and others?

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