F******: The ‘F-Action’

The ‘F-Action’ is a two-parter. Nope, not “forgive and forget”, but simply FORGIVE. One party must ASK for that forgiveness and one party must ACCEPT the request. From my experience, both sides are extremely powerful and heal in different ways. To keep posts a reasonable length, this will take a few days to explain….

Being honest, as I am, I have managed to be a tornado of all kinds in many of my relationships. Let me be clear, I helped destroy a marriage, I didn’t talk with my parents who lived no more than five miles away for two years, and rarely to my brothers during that same time. There were friends I had hurt that I didn’t speak with for three or more years as well. I’m adding this detail solely for the purpose of perspective on this topic- I’VE MADE MESSES. I wish I could say that I’ve consistently been an uplifting solid friend and family member (that would imply that I currently am…possibly questionable), but sadly, that’s not the case; and probably not the case for many reading this. When I look and listen with my heart, I see so many fractured relationships over things big and small. What stops us? Why do so many run away from the ‘F-Action’: FORGIVENESS?

Heart Check: Is there something you need to let go? Someone you need to forgive?

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