Just as we need to physically retreat to the un-ordinary, we must learn to reign ourselves in inwardly. Too often blame is projected onto others declaring we’ve been “put in a box”.  These same people “suffocate and stifle” us, but really, it’s our own self-censoring, frailty, pride and need for acceptance  (that’s the abridged list) that destroys the opportunity for the beauty within to blossom.

For a society that advocates “tolerance” and “acceptance” of others, we sure do a lousy job of demonstrating that towards our inward selves. Considering that people have natural abilities and aptitudes, it’s nauseating to contemplate how much of this is squandered due to self-inflicted suffocation.

Heart Check: Think hard, and long if necessary, what is an ability that you have that you have squished into the reaches of your heart, mind and/or soul as a form of self-suffocation. Name one reason (fear, pride, need for acceptance, _____) and take one step to let it shine TODAY.

Chasing Faith: I am SO grateful that God sees me as the complete and final product rather than a random  soul on a conveyor belt. He knows me, loves me and talk about acceptance! If God can accept me, shouldn’t I accept myself as I am? This has been cultivating a deep peace in my life allowing me to be comfortable in my own skin, embracing the person I was created to be- and not for a juvenile form of inward rebellion postured as a billboard for the world to see, but a sincere acceptance of my shortcomings and stand-outs alike. Quick clarification: this doesn’t suggest that shortcomings are okay and left “as-is” “because it’s me”. True faith breeds inward then outward change in actions, attitudes and behaviors.

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