The Importance of Getting Away

Yesterday we scrapped our afternoon, put the kids in the car and went just a few extra miles out of town to catch some fresh air, new scenery and have fun TOGETHER. While this seems counterintuitive, particularly for a this control nut whose plate, probably much like yours, is overflowing with dates, deadlines, kids that need authentic TLC, housework, clients calling and more, getting back to our roots actually renews our focus, refreshes our stamina and resolve and has always provided the best night of rest.

Heart Check: The byproduct of taking a brief break from circumstances and/or stressors proves to be well worth leaving behind what on the surface appear to be giants. Are you letting the stress of your circumstances to keep you from giving yourself a short and simple “time-out” to renew yourself?

Chasing Faith: Getting away yesterday renewed my spirit and encouraged my faith. Spring is in full force with bursts of color everywhere, tadpoles, roaring river water from the mountain runoff and each of these elements reminded me how creative and detailed my God is; how powerful, nurturing and in control He is. If he can care for all these things THAT I CAN SEE, how much more is He in control that I’m unaware of? I stand amazed!

3 responses to “The Importance of Getting Away

  1. In our commitment to every-other-week family hikes over the past 3 months God has taught me to differentiate between the “urgent” and the “important”. Paying bills- urgent. Sharing a meal with the family- Important. Running errands – urgent. Spending time with family and friends-important. Working for a living-urgent. Daily prayer times-important. I have been learning that if we do not make time for the important, the urgent takes over and it’s all we ever get to. Life becomes a list of “to do’s” and going through the motions and just survival. But when we focus on the “important” FIRST, magically there becomes time and energy for the rest. But then each day is more fulfilling and there is room for the Fruits of the Spirit to come out…

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