rush rush rush eyes to the ground reach the goal but see nothing around

Driving in California proves to be comically different from my treasured Colorado. While heading to S. Lake Tahoe, we laughed at how the cars jockeyed to be at the front of the line- CONSTANTLY. AGGRESSIVELY. Maybe it could be justified if drivers were being held back by a mere slow poke, but we’re talking about a an inescapable constant stream of cars.

I’ve noticed in my own life a rushed drive to get from one point in life to another with equal doggedness.  Though I can contend these cars are comical, there’s also an error or recklessness involved; a lack of  consideration for the other vehicles on the road and a false security of safety to be sure. My life is similar as there have been many periods when my persistence to reach a perceived destination on life’s timeline has left casualties behind particularly during my “invincible youth”.

A truest friend gently and surely attempted to teach me this lesson while hiking. Most sweetly the experienced hiker suggested that instead of watching the ground and keeping a rigorously hurried pace that I look around and experience the moment before me; enveloping me. Little did this friend know that fifteen years later, those words would continue to echo in my ears; though in many other areas of life.

For me, I must continually remind myself to STOP. LOOK. LISTEN. Stop– really, what will happen if you do? Will the sky fall? Most things have a means of getting done; remind yourself- it will be all right. LOOK about you and LISTEN with your heart, mind and soul. Your eyes and ears can only show one layer deep while the heart and soul can perceive beyond measure.

Heart Check: What’s your pace? Anyone left or kicked to the curb in the process?

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