Spoken, Heard, Listend To: 2


At some point, it was necessary for me to quiet outside opinions to find what I believed. Though I felt like I had been completely let down by God Himself; that I had done “my part and He’d failed to uphold His end” I learned that God isn’t a checklist. When’s the last time you had a relationship that was based on a checklist: If we go to coffee once a week and I throw a birthday party for you, then we’ll be “close”.

I had  trivialized God; everything was on my finite terms and through my limited understanding. Things began to unravel and my mind opened to a broader concept of God and myself. I found that my stubborn selfish pride wanted a god that was more like a servant to my wishes and whims. Funny how I prayed to God believing He was powerful enough to accomplish what I asked, yet I limited him to choice A-B-C. Comically, those were never the answers He chose, and it unfailingly turned out better than my first choice. The fact is, God DOES listen, but I fail too often to HEAR His gentle direction; I quiet His voice as if I know best and am teaching Him. Oh dear pride of mine, you cost me much!

All this applies to my intimate relationships; my dear husband has choices beyond my A-B-C, yet just as with God, I quiet his voice. I marvel at the possibilities if I would only listen fully to my husbands ideas and suggestions.

Heart Check: Are you listening to those around you, or are you limiting their voice?

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