Spoken, Heard, Listend To: 1

To be heard suggests that there’s a level of communication taking place. To listen suggests someone hearing; taking to heart what is being communicated. Sometimes that communication is through words, but more often, MOST OFTEN, communication takes place through the subtle moments of life ; the unspoken seconds as someone turns away. It is these moments when relationships can take a wicked turn towards contention. How many times I have spoken hurtful words beneath my breath or willingly put a scowl on my face that only I can see.  I have to laugh- what does this accomplish those closest to me…

More than once, during dark times in life, I have had words with God. I definitely gave God something to listen to; oddly, he was a gentle listener. At one point the hurt bled so deep, I would get in my car, drive down the freeway with tears blurring my vision and snap words I dare not repeat and with a tone of voice (TOV) that my son would most certainly call me out on (this is positively more dangerous than talking/texting while driving).

Y.E.A.R.S. of pain in my twenties and a seemingly unresponsive God made me bitter. At one point, it was the simple decision of going against core beliefs and pursing life despite or cutting life itself to an end. Selfishly, I decided to make life my own; to block out other’s opinions and continue on. What I found was that while I WAS heard by God, I was failing to listen.


Heart Check: Are you heard? Do you L.I.S.T.E.N.?

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