Measure Twice – Cut Once

There a few people who have influenced  me more than my dad. He’s a cut above the rest and could have helped pen How To Win Friends And Influence People. If you’ve met me for five minutes, it’s highly likely that I made mention or reference to my dad. I could post continuously on things that I’ve learned by merely observing how my dad goes about things, but for the time being, I’ll take a moment on his words.

My mind’s eye sees words as a knife; a tool. They can be used for good and evil; for hurt or healing. My dad has an incredible ability to think on his feet and answer promptly; thoughtfully. This, in and of itself isn’t so incredible, but the fact that he doesn’t sink his teeth in and chomp a person to bits when the opportunity presents itself sets him apart.

This resonated with me recently as I handed him the golden opportunity by asking, “How is my parenting?” He paused. He thought. I could see his mind swirling, calculating and measuring his response. There was an understanding of the power in his hand; carefully and calmly he responded with words that weren’t all pleasant to hear, but bearable because they were thoughtfully spoken in love and gentleness.

Put in the same position, a friend asking a vulnerable question, I have the best intentions to be kind, calculated and gentle in my response. unfortunately, I’m like a snowball, that beings with small gentle flakes and winds into a boisterous mass of destruction.

So true is the Proverb: “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.”

Heart Check: How do you measure your words?

One response to “Measure Twice – Cut Once

  1. the added beauty in this story is that you were willing to ask. then you were willing to listen. that my sister, makes you also “a cut above the rest.”

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