The Dark Side Of Life: Y

For years I believed I “had faith” only to find that it was lame; lacking immensely. Faith measured the length of my able hand and feeble mind. I had done a really great job pretending to be trusting God; it felt warm and fuzzy. LIFE now ISN’T WARM AND FUZZY. LIFE IS PRICKLY; LIFE IS UNCOMFORTABLE. God’s “job” of making me “happy” hasn’t seemingly gone so well. Then again, if I’m honest, I have to accept that I’ve called the shots. So what would life look like if I took a genuine Rock Star Leap Of Faith? What plans does God have for my life?

If I have this faith, if I “trust God” I am no longer in control, though, it was established yesterday that I’m not in control ANYWAY (such a funny realization, particularly for Westerners who like to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and all). Basically, it feels like I’m jumping blindly from a plane with a remotely controlled parachute. Someone else that I cannot see is going to determine the trajectory of my life. Someone else will trigger the pull cord to release MY parachute and as I’m floating down, someone else will determine the curves I take and the precise location where I will land safely.

Heart Check: Who or what is responsible for your place in life?

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