Summits False & True

Growing up a short drive from Yosemite National Park offered many life learning outdoor opportunities for me. Every hike has left an imprint on me; though it was physical, it built a subtle confidence in my understanding of the way I typically process life. You may be able to relate…

In general, I begin jolly, full of enthusiasm and full of energy. As the miles progress and the sun peaks, I wane. At some point, usually after lunch when the sun is high and hot and the sweat is solidified and gritty on my neck and chest I get uncomfortable and a bit edgy. I know I’m nearing and making progress by looking at a map, but it doesn’t FEEL like any progress has been made. Then comes the next part, especially while venturing up Half Dome- FALSE SUMMITS. I burst out with joy because I believe the summit is near only to find it’s a mirage. My heart breaks, my body breaks down in discouragement and this is THE moment…step. step. step.step….IN LIFE, THIS IS the MOMENT. Just taking the next step, as small and unsteady as it may be, it’s taking the next step.Having been duped by a few false summits, I inevitably don’t realize that I’VE ARRIVED!

Writing this, especially in my current life circumstances, reminds me of the fairly standard process of my life. My life isn’t static, it’s dynamic; always shifting, always changing. If I stopped taking steps along the way, I would never have experienced the satisfaction of any accomplishment rightly so- it wouldn’t be much of an accomplishment! When I FEEL like giving up, I must press on and when things look like they’re coming together only to NOT, doesn’t mean that they will never come to a completed moment.

Heart Check: Where are you on your journey or “life process”? What’s your summit? What ultimate fulfillment will it have or are you merely trying to make it to the top of every peak without a purpose?

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