Too often I wish I could take back a stinging word or look I shot at someone I love (actually, even strangers)…the unfortunate reality is that there are no “do-overs”. Even with tensions running high the past few days I’ve actually had the clarity to pause and question: WILL THIS MATTER IN five-TEN-15? With enough life now under my belt, I know details are important, but I also know, MOST are forgotten and/or lost along the way leaving much room for understanding and compromise.

STOP, right now. SERIOUSLY, think back over even the last year or six months….how clear are the fine details?

I have concluded for myself that LIFE IS PRECIOUS. It is not guaranteed.  If it won’t matter in five minutes, ten days or fifteen years, LET IT GO and save everyone some unnecessary frustration.

HEART CHECK: What details do you cling to? In five-TEN-15, will it be worth it?

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