Life can be SUCH A GRIND. The pressures overwhelming. Lately I’ve felt like Alice in Wonderland when she’s shrinking and her world is shifting exponentially before her. There isn’t a part of my life that is static at the moment and it’s uncomfortable for this control freak that prefers knowing what’s around every corner. Unfortunately, I’m not responding well and my family is taking the brunt of things. Usually it’s my husband who “suffers the wrath” but the past few days, I haven’t had enough patience for my kids…in fact, I think my negative energy is brushing off on my son. sheesh.

As frustrated as I am with life circumstances, I chose my wonderful husband (and fortunately, he chose me) for a LIFETIME; for better AND worse. Right now is definitely not one of the “better” moments… I’m certain many can relate. What to do….What to do…

As I pondered things this morning, I concluded (that’s sounds so much easier than it was) I could either continue being grumpy, add some nasty wrinkles to my face and be a negative/destructive energy around my family OR I could live love out as an actionforgive genuinely and completely and ENJOY my family.

If there was a “RESET” button available, I would have pushed it, but since there isn’t, we had a “family meeting”. Contritely, I asked my husband and kids to forgive my horrid attitude, we reassured our kids of our love and commitment to each other and our family, prayed and headed out to the park. Life’s not perfect and it’s not about being a fairytale; it’s about living, growing, stretching and expanding.

Was today perfect? Nope, but this attitude shift has done wonders for our weary souls.

Heart Check: Are you LIVING out LOVE to those around you or are you holding hurt only you can let go?

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