“Just Relaxin”

This super fun and quirky son of mine is CONSTANTLY stretching my inner being. I LOVE IT. He has this saying, “I’m just relaxin’ “.  Sometimes he’ll take his boy hands and put them on my cheeks, look into my eyes and say in a quiet and calm voice, “Relax”. Being a super Type-A (hyper-go-getter if that’s easier) having kids has been a constant lesson in priorities, timing and finding time to “just relax”- because kids shouldn’t have to speed though their childhood.

Though I’m fairly certain he’s type-A himself, he’s already a leg-up on his mama with understanding the wisdom in ‘just relaxin’. If I don’t give myself a moment to unwind, there’s no place to rejuvenate and restore relationships, creativity, energy…

This boy is changing my focus: laundry, you’re important, but you can wait…actually, most things aren’t the urgent priority I once though they were. What’s more though, is that the message is that many TASKS are more important than people; than relationships.  This isn’t to suggest living in a pigsty or putting off responsibilities for relationships, but it’s suggesting a BALANCE. I often stop and ask myself, “In fifteen years, will this matter?” That alone realign my perspective and allow pause for my precious gifts.

Heart Check: Are you in control enough to put aside a task and make a relationship the priority it deserves? Can you “just relax”?

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