Peacequility: Peace and tranquility do not come about on their own. There are always quills in our lives; thorns that tear through our inmost being. These quills threaten our existence and left unattended, often destroy lives. Peacequility is the concept of finding peace and tranquility despite the quills that inevitably arise.

For me, the hope of overcoming the quills is through a relationship with Jesus Christ. (Oh pish, don’t stop reading NOW because you believe you’re more enlightened or something along those lines. There are surprises around every corner and this blog is guaranteed to have many of those due to a high level of life transparency.) My life experience is varied, though it wasn’t always so. I was straight-laced or as my husband would say a “goody-goody” for many years until my world was shattered. S.H.A.T.T.E.R.E.D. I had lived a “good” life and “done things the Christian way” for twenty-three years, why were terrible things happening to me? I decided to try things my way, forget God, but that didn’t last long as a nagging feeling in my soul constantly drew me back to Christ.

A dear older friend walked with me through this lava bath stage of life and told me how she had “been there before and wouldn’t change a thing”. On this end of things, I completely agree and am certain that during that tumultuous phase many quills were being plucked; yanked.

Over a decade later, I am, like many, in another quill plucking stage of life. It stinks. It’s rough. My faith is being challenged, yet strengthened. I have hope, but sometimes it’s dim. Because I’ve seen God’s faithfulness and protection in, over and through/out my life, I’m confident (though fatigued, terrified and hesitant) that things will work out splendidly…it’s just the process of taking that Rock Star Leap Of Faith to get the ball rolling!…Sometimes I have to take that leap all day long.

Heart Check: Are you satisfied with how the quills have been yanked from your life? What are you trusting in?

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