Home With Friends- Or Not?

You don’t have to be a close friend of mine to know that I’m a recovering perfectionist. As such, for a long while, I didn’t want to invite people over to my home. I was embarrassed by the eclectic array of largely hand-me-down pieces of furniture, well, and to let it all hang out, I’m just not creative or skilled in the least with decorating in any way… Then I head a story about a woman who was in a similar position, but over a decaying couch (haven’t we all been THERE). “I can’t have people over with a couch like T.H.A.T. I’ll have to wait until I get a new couch.” Time passed, years and still, she didn’t invite people over because of her shabby couch she could not afford to repair.

Why she ended up inviting some people over, I cannot recall, I think they more-or-less barged in, BUT, she found that no one cared about her silly ol’ decaying couch. The friends enjoyed themselves and the company.  I’ve been able to procure MANY excuses why I shouldn’t invite people over, BUT this story often comes to my mind. It reminds me of the importance of friendship and the relationship vulnerability plays in the depth of our friendships. How much are you truly willing to trust your friends with? Sometimes it’s easier to gab and “trust” with relational woes that on the surface are intimate, but if you cannot invite someone into your home, how trusting are you really?

Heart Check:  

Do I care  about my friends couch, floors, decor so much so that I wouldn’t spend time with my friend?  If “NO” then…

Why would people I call friends care about these things in my life? DO I need to take the plunge, make myself more vulnerable, and invite ’em on over.

Are you too preoccupied with the appearance of your home instead of trusting your friends? Are you willing to make yourself vulnerable despite your home not being up to your perfect expectations?

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