Rock Star Leap of Faith

Sometimes life requires so much more of me that I am overwhelmed; paralyzed. While going through a critical point in life, as I went to sleep, I would literally picture myself curled up in God’s hands; I needed peace, a place of safe rest. Imagine holding a small hamster in your cupped hands; that was me and God.

Life has thrown a curve ball yet again. Yes, I still at times fall to sleep in God’s hands, but now my deepest need isn’t a peaceful retreat, its courageous faith.  Shortcomings abound in my life and though I’ve finally accepted that I’m not going to or suppose to be “perfect”, I still freak out because I see so many behaviors and attitudes that need to be ditched, but lack the ability to do so in and of myself. Enter the Rock Star Leap of Faith.

Though I’m not a performer, my mind’s eye now sees myself on a large stage  performing. It’s loud, the lights are hot and I’m sweaty from performing. The crowd’s energy pulses through my body and my mind is rattled by the constant stimulation of my surrounding. Then it happens, I must take the rock star leap into the crowd. Will they catch me? Certainly there are instances where the rocker is dropped, but, typically, the performer is welcomed by its fans and returned to the stage.

God’s more than my fan, He’s my heavenly father. He loves me in a way unfathomable. Not only will He catch me when I take that leap of faith, but there’s a heavenly support system of angels helping as well. RLF for me today is belief that God is in control of circumstances, of shaping me into the wife, mommy, friend, and community servant that I need to be, because I certainly cannot accomplish any of this without His intervention.

Heart check: What area in your life do you need to take a Rock Star  Leap of Faith?

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