Yesterday tragedy struck our family when my parents pooch was hit by a car. I’ll spare detail except to say fortunately, it was out of our line of vision. As I told my son to go back into the house, I continually heard, “Why?” (So glad we got to practice obeying under pressure; clearly we have some learning to do. Please no major disasters to deal with while we remediate.)

This made me think of my heart towards God and my husband. Am I on board and supportive by my actions or am I constantly asking, “why”. Let’s face it too, the’why’ is more of a whine than a question. It’s an underlying way of grumbling and complaining; a means even of taking action while having a rebellious heart. For me, it’s a position also of not demonstrating faith in God or trust in my husbands judgement. It is the fullest form of pride (similar to my last post on Sub-Text) and stubbornness.

The proverbial “why” humans give is pathetically awful. When was the last time you were on the receiving end of the ‘why’? It really makes it difficult to get things done, right? Factor in the reality that most of the time, ‘orders’ are being given for a common good.

Heart check, where’s yours?

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